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What’s the overall aim of the make it happen tool?

The Make It Happen is a goal setting tool which will give you somewhere to start, a process to follow and a way to organise your thoughts so your vision becomes clearer, your actions more focused and your motivation more sustained.

the Make It Happen Tool is for you if...

  • You have a head full of ideas and plans, like me, and you need to choose which one or ones to make happen, to avoid being pulled from one thing to the next as your head churns out another idea and your imagination thinks...”oooh yes let’s try that one as well”.  Without a clear goal we would end up with a million and one things on the go but never actually getting as far as making any of them really happen.
  • Maybe there is one very important thing that you must make happen so you need to create a water tight plan. 
  • There’s something that you’ve always thought about doing but haven’t yet taken the plunge or even dipped your toe in for that matter, into making it happen. 
  • Maybe you’re very busy running around but unfortunately although you’re covering a lot of ground, your actions aren’t focused in the right areas for getting you any closer to making your goal happen.

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Make it happen tool

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